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FOREX trading is one of the few ways to build wealth quickly, and trading can be learned by ANYONE with a willingness to learn and a desire to succeed however most Forex educators don't give their trades why? Because their not traders and have no confidence they can make profits.

We are confident in our strategy to make profits longer term so give our trades on 14 FX pairs daily. Of course, you will want to do your own trades in your own way but seeing us trade will give you confidence that the techniques are based on sound logic and work.

Our complete wealth-building FOREX course gives you proven strategies, daily and weekly technical updates and lessons, plus full support from experienced traders to help you become a successful FX trader from home.

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The Secret of Forex Trading Success – in a FACT

90% of Forex traders have ALWAYS lost money. You would think that due to this fact, it would be difficult to make money but if you think about the fact, it actually gives you the real secret of success.

The SAME ratio of traders have always lost money despite huge advances in technology over the years such as faster computers, advances in software and the Internet which delivers a huge volume of news and analysis at the click of a mouse – so why does the ratio stay the same?

The answer is HUMAN Psychology. Most traders fail to control their emotions, thereby losing, and this will never change. Simple systems work best and always have, but you must have a strategy based on sound logic which you understand, in order to follow your trading signals with discipline.

How professional traders make big profits and you can too!

The biggest myth of FOREX trading is that successful traders are all highly-educated or computer buffs... they're not! In fact, many have no formal education but make big profits.

The professional trader uses a simple system focused on trading PRICE ACTION which is simple, flexible, and adaptable to different trading conditions. They DON'T clutter their strategy with too many indicators, and they simply respond to market changes quickly. Indicators have their place in FOREX trading but they're a backup - NOT a leading indicator; price action IS.

Successful traders trade the reality of price change. They don't try and predict the future, they "trade the truth" which is price action on a chart.

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The VBM is simple flexible system for currency trading success:

Our system is designed to catch and hold long term trends which can last for weeks or longer. However, the system can also be used to trade shorter term to maximize your profit potential.

The system is designed to adapt to trading conditions; when big trends are present, focus on them but if the markets are trading sideways, you can still make big profits by swing-trading overbought and oversold currencies.

A key to making money in FOREX is having confidence in your trading plan. Simply learn the logic of how it works and trade it with confidence - the logic of our system is fully explained so you know EXACTLY why it makes money!

Why the VBM works:

The VBM system shows you how to take advantage of shifts in price momentum and velocity, near-important support, and resistance points which gives advance warning of whether levels will hold or break.

This allows you to set your order in advance and position yourself for big profits.

Get clear confirmation of trend changes and trade them for big profits:

The big advantage of the VBM Strategy is that there's no predicting or hoping where prices may go - the VBM gives you CONFIRMATION. Shifts in price velocity CONFIRM where prices are likely to go at important support and resistance points, so you can trade with the odds firmly in your favour.

You can personalize it

The VBM is NOT simply a mechanical number sequence system.

YOU personalize it to suit your individual trading personality:

Use it to swing-trade short term

Use it to catch long-term trends

Use it to trade both

All trades are MANUALLY approved for total risk control

A complete wealth-building solution: Sharpen Your Trading Skills with Our Support

Our trading strategy is simple to apply and we will explain all the logic behind it so you know how and why it works and can have the confidence to trade it in real time for big profits. You can also contact us at any time with any questions or queries.

Our courses provide you with the following wealth building info to give you an edge in your quest for profits – you will learn:

  • girlHow to track big commercial traders who make huge profits.
  • The key 3 keys to a winning trading psychology.
  • How to construct a trading plan for bigger profits.
  • Get advance warning of tops and bottoms in ANY time frame.
  • Using a simple 5 step process to trade each currency.
  • Which currencies are too mega-move with two little known indicators.
  • How to place stops to minimize risk and increase rewards.
  • How NOT to get stopped out too soon so you can ride the big trends.
  • How a simple profit-taking signal allows you to bank more money.
  • How to double up your profit potential on ANY trade with 3 simple tips.
  • Why following conventional wisdom causes losses for most traders.
  • Learn the key elements between a good trader and a millionaire trader.
  • How to maximize profits even when trading the same currency as other traders.
  • How to construct a trading plan for bigger profits.

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Our courses feature ALL the strategies and tools we use, and the logic of why they work is clearly explained so you can have confidence in the method. EVERYTHING you need to know is outlined in clear, concise English.

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Follow ALL of the best opportunities with us, as we trade each day in real time! Our daily analysis gives you all the info you need to spot BIG profitable trends in advance to make big profits. In addition, we give you in depth weekly reports on the big trends, and the sentiment of the market.

You get our analysis in 10 pairs each day. You can also email us at ANYTIME for an update on any currency pair. When you subscribe to our courses you get LIFE ACCESS to our daily analysis – there are no recurring fees to pay.

3. Get full support as you learn

We are traders ourselves and offer you unlimited email support. Got a question? Email us and we deliver concise answers. We will be delighted to assist you with any queries you may have.

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