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Our 1-on-1 mentoring service is designed to help you become a confident and successful trader quickly and you can try it RISK FREE.

We will spend up to 18 hours in 1-on-1 sessions in the first month, teaching you proven techniques and customizing a trading strategy which matches your unique personality so you can trade with total confidence. For another 5 months, we will give you Unlimited 1-on-1 support as you trade your plan in the market. Got a question on your plan or any other Forex questions and we are here to help and you can contact us as often as you wish. 

Our mentoring service does NOT teach advanced trading techniques or ask you to read a large amount of theory. Complicated trading strategies don't work because the best techniques are simple. The real key to trading success is a simple strategy executed with the right mindset which anyone can learn to do and we will show you how.

Simple Forex Trading Techniques that Work

The techniques we teach are easy to learn, understand and have confidence in but the way you apply them must be customized to YOU. Andrew and Hakkon, will both work with you to help you learn proven techniques, put them into a plan which you can trade with confidence and discipline for long term profits. Our menotring service gives more 1-on-1 teaching is suitable for beginners or more experienced traders who wish to improve their bottom line profits. 

We know that there is a learning curve in the market and thats why we provide a long support period of 5 months after your plan has been customized. Also were real traders and we also show you our trades in advance - so you see our entries, stops and targets on over 30 pairs. Seeing how we apply the techniques is aimed at giving you ideas and also you get to see the profit potential of the techniques. This will help youget confidence in your plan and also generate trading ideas and help to speed up the learning proccess.

Personalized Mentoring 18 hours of 1-on-1 Tuition

First Month Developing a Strategy and Customized Plan

In the first month we will provide tuition in 6 x approximately 1.5 hour sessions and will cover all of topics listed below. If you want more tuition in a certain area simply ask us – we are happy to customize the schedule to your personal requests:

Forex Technical Analysis: Using Support & resistance, best chart formations, trading breakouts and fake outs, best indicators that work, understanding volatility, how to read the COT and track the smart money commercial traders.

Developing a Forex Strategy & Plan: Long term trend following, swing trading, trading price spikes, trading ranges, trading high and low volatility, breakout trading we will find the best way of trading for you that matches your personality.

Forex Psychology: Its important you adopt the right mindset which is the key to trading success. We will go through your personality, cognitive biases that cause emotions and make sure the trading plan is matched to your personality.

Reading Market Sentiment: One of the keys to trading success is not just knowing your own psychology but also how to read the market sentiment of other traders so you can take advantage of the losing majority.

Month 1 – 6 Get Support from us AS You Trade the Plan in Real time

As you trade your strategy you can contact us on Skype at ANY time to discuss your plan, any trade set ups or to you review your progress. You can also watch us trade the techniques in real time so you can see us trade the techniques which you can use to generate trading ideas and also see how profitable we are trading the techniques we teach....

Our Members Centre

You get full access to our members centre which includes all the trading techniques we use and also our daily and weekly analysis of the markets.

PDF'S and Videos:
On our trading philosophy and trading techniques we use which are continually updated.

Daily Chart & Sentiment Analysis:
Watch us give our specific entries, stops and targets on 30 pairs daily. We also analyize the news and market sentiment that influencing the technicals to give advance warning of the best trends for profit.

Weekly Chart & COT Analysis:
Each week we will look at the big picture via the weekly charts to back up the daily charts and also look at what the smart money commercials are doing on the COT report.

On Trading for Consistent Profits Video Interview

Hakon Joins Andrew in providing our 1-on 1 mentoring and in this tutorial he explains how anyone can achieve trading success but most traders fail.

Hakon starting trading at just 16 and by 19 was on the Etoro Social Trading Platfrom with over 2,000 traders ( $2.5 million in equity) following his trading signals. After making 85% in under 9 months,with just 22% maximum drawdown he decided to work in the Forex industry. Hakkon worked as a Forex broker and now has his own consulting service and is in the process of setting up a regulated managed Forex fund.

Hakon's advice on achieving success is to use simple tools that work and to adopt the right mindset to trade your plan with discipline and confidence to achieve long term success.


Our Philosophy of Trading Video Tutorial

I first started trading in 1987 and providing education from 1994. When we started the company we spotted a niche in the market which was most educators never gave trades to their pupils to show their techniques work so we decided we would.

The reason most educators don't give trades is simple – they have never traded or don't believe in their method. Most education is either to complicated, to rigid or based upon unsound logic like predicting the market. The route to trading success in our view is simple techniques, with flexible rules and based upon reacting to price.

We also believe adopting the right mindset is the key to trading success – simple techniques work and can be learned by anyone but YOU must adopt the right mindset to win. The good news is adopting the right mindset is a choice and one anyone can make.   

Step 2 Customizing Your Strategy

The techniques are totally flexible in terms of - They can be used for long or short term trading customised to your risk tolerance and investment objectives.

For example, if you have an impatient personality, you would trade shorter rather than long term. If you have a low risk tolerance, we would adjust the money management parameters to enable you to bank partial profits to reduce draw down etc.

We will do an in depth consultation with you, to find out your trading personality once this is completed, we will then customize the techniques and give you a trading plan to follow. We will then show you how to apply the strategy in the markets...

Step 2 Customizing Your Strategy

ANYONE Can Achieve Forex Trading Success

Simple Forex trading strategies work and will always work but you need a plan to help you trade through periods of losses with discipline and keep them small. You need to have discipline to hold your profits WITHOUT banking them early.

The REAL Secret of Forex Trading success is SIMPLE – Trading with discipline at all times and sticking to your plan. It's VITAL Your strategy and plan, matches your trading personality and is fully understood by you so you have the confidence to follow it. We would be delighted to help you develop your own trading style you have confidence to follow to long term success...

Simple Forex trading strategies work and will always work but you need a plan to help you trade through periods of losses with discipline and keep them small. You need to have discipline to hold your profits WITHOUT banking them early.
Start Your Mentoring Program today!

Start Your Mentoring Program today!

We have been trading Forex for 27 years and teaching Forex Since 1997. We have taught traders from all walks of life and with different levels of experience - from complete beginners to experienced traders who were losing or simply wanted to improve their bottom line profits.

If you want to know the REAL SECRET of Forex trading consider the following - Despite all the advances in technology which have taken place in the last 50 Years. Today, we have computers with awesome number crunching ability, the internet which allows us to trade instantly and get a vast amount of new at the click of a mouse BUT the number of losing traders remains the same today as it was 50 years ago – Why? Because psychology is the key NOT Technology – a simple method anyone can learn and you can adopt the Right psychology and win.

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Personal 1-on-1 Mentoring Service
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Please Note: This is LIMITED offer and the mentoring service is restricted to just 50 Traders so sign up today and get: 

Development of Step-By- Step Trading Plan customised to your unique trading personality. 

Customized Strategy Based on Our Proven Techniques.

1 Month Training to develop a custimised trading plan + Unlimited Skype Support at Any time for further 5 months.

See us trade 30 Pairs daily and Learn to Trade the Set Ups in Real Time. Also Recieve Email Alerts on high Probability Set Ups & Breaking News.